theatreTheatre, film and television projects often involve many players.  Projects can be original, or they can be based on an individual's life story or a book or other already existing work.  For works that are not original, it will be necessary to secure rights to the underlying life story or book or other work before beginning the project.  In addition, if more than one person will be creating the script, or if the project is a musical or other work that combines words, lyrics, music and other elements from several different creators, all of the creators should enter into a collaboration agreement before beginning work on the project. 

The production company or commissioning or producing theatre will need to have an agreement with the creator or creators, either at the time the project begins or in any event prior to any filming, taping or staging of live performances.  The producer will also be responsible for contracting with talent and for securing location releases and clearances for music, art and other works included in the project.